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Google Calculator

February 2, 2007

Have you ever tried the Google Calculator?  I mean really put it to the test?  Did you even know it existed?

Some have knocked it, but I think this thing is pretty versatile and will certainly do in a pinch.  And it’s just fun.  It can do math on just about any unit of measurement you can imagine, even several you’ve probably never heard of like cubits, furlongs, G, candelas, barye, pennyweights, moles, and hogsheads.

You can  mix and match units as long as they are of the same type, such as adding feet to centimeters and multiplying by light years and dividing by mils.  And you can get your answer in parsecs if you so desire.

It also converts currency, temperatures and whatever else you want, like BTUs to calories.  It can convert Roman numerals to decimal or binary or octal or hexadecimal.  It understands many constants like c, e, i, Boltzmann’s constant, pi, AU, etc.  You can use numbers or spell out the number.  You can use mathematical operators or spell them out.  You can tell it what you want (Avogadro’s number in moles) or ask it for what you want (how many moles in Avogadro’s number?).

It can convert more than one thing at a time.  For example, you’re from the USA but driving around in Canada and need gas.  The current price at the nearest gas station is $1.06 Canadian per litre.  Is that good or bad?  What the heck does that mean in US dollars per gallon?  Just enter “1.06 CAD per litre in USD per gallon” without the quotes to see your answer.



It even understands once in a blue moon as a unit of frequency and it knows what a baker’s dozen is.  Last time I checked though, it didn’t know what the loneliest number was.

To use  the Google calculator, just enter what you want in the search field at  I’m embarrassed to admit, when I first saw this, I stayed up till 3:00am playing with it just to see what it understood.  It was fun.  Oh, if you need the definition of a word, just enter the word ‘define’ followed by the word and hit enter.

To try it out, just cut and paste some of these into the Google calculator.  If you discover things not listed below, please post a comment and I’ll add it to the list.


(thirteen inches + (12 meters * 4 hands) / 2 rods) + .63 nautical miles + four cubits, in yards
23.5 EUR in USD
4356 NOK + 803 GBP – 671 AUD in CAD
23.45 British Pounds in Norwegian money
feet in a meter
how many acres in 3 hectares
speed of light / radius of the earth
speed of light  in nanometers / fortnight
c in feet per second
how many furlongs in an astronomical unit?
0x23 + 0b00011010 in roman numerals
three quarter cups, in tablespoons
nine squared
89 mod 7.3
how many horsepower in 310 KW
310 KW in metric horsepower
310 KW in british horsepower
4 horsepower in metric horsepower
8 btu in calories
8 btu in joules
4 joules per cubic meter in BTU per cubic foot
the cube root of 45
how many US teaspoons in 10 UK fluid ounces
14 candela per square meter in footcandle
14 lumen per square foot in candela per square inch
145 volt + 1 megavolt in gigavolts
how many dynes per 4.34 newtons
4 pound force + 63 dyne in kilogram force
34 pound per horsepower hour
the 10th root of 1024
the 10th root of 1024 in binary
how many bushels in a peck
43.67 amperes in biots
38 degrees Celsius in fahrenheit
38 fahrenheit to rankine
38 degrees rankine -> kelvin
4 joules per kelvin in BTU per degree rankine
4 watts per square meter kelvin in kilowatts per square foot rankine
1.15 CAD per litre in USD per gallon
3.23 hogsheads, in quarts
How many arcminutes are in 5 radians + 6 degrees – four ninths arcseconds?
345 electron volts in watt hours
36 foot pounds in horsepower hours
30 pounds per square foot in tons per square foot
43 pounds per square inch in barye
8754 barye in pascals
23 bars in atmospheres
30 kilowatts in BTU per hour
8567.3421 coulomb in faraday
283000 kilobytes in bytes
how many bytes in a gigabyte
how many bits in a megabyte
1 nybble in bits
1 barn in square femtometers
1 pound per square foot in millibars
160 pounds * 4000 feet in Calories
2 light years in miles
34762 picofarad in farad
5 choose 3
(G * mass of earth) / (radius of earth ^ 2)
how many quarts in 3.23 hogsheads?
drams in a pennyweight
how many mils to a parsec?
13.4 kiloparsecs + 2 AU in light hours
speed of sound at sea level in nautical miles per minute
What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
0xFFFF to decimal
mass of earth * (c^2)
1.7634 millennia, in femtoseconds
3 acre feet in liters
383 acre inches in hogsheads
the boltzmann constant
Stefan Boltzmann constant
the boltzmann constant * 2 fathoms
100 ohms * 3 amps
100 cubits times 1 quattuordecillionth
23 joules * 14.5 ergs
how many joules per 10 calories?
(four score and seven years multiplied by once in a blue moon) nautical miles per cubic foot in hectometers per cord
how many grains in 6.43 pennyweights?
20000 leagues in fathoms
9.8 feet per second per second in meters per second per second
golden ratio * radius of jupiter
moles in Avogadro’s number
the square root of the answer to life, the universe and everything over 2
40 rods / hogshead -> miles per gallon
1.5 score in roman
MMVI in arabic
how many electron volts in 43 joules?
Rydberg constant
3 mark twain in fathoms
mass of mars in atomic mass units
four sidereal days to hours
1 millenia in decades
how many decimeters in an angstrom?
83.56892 micrometers, in picometers
radius of the moon in microns
How many femtometers in a statute mile?
a bakers dozen attometers, in exameters
23 petameters + 45 terameters + 2 gigameters, in hectometers
how many british pints in a barrel?
how many centilitres in 50 cubic feet?
how many US fluid ounces in 1275 cubic inches?
1275 cubic inches, in British fluid ounces
8 long tons in short tons
12.457 gigajoules in btu
the permeability of free space
the magnetic constant
Mach 3.4 in feet per second
Rydberg constant / 5 score
8 gross * 23 drams, in ounces
21 troy ounces, in grains
3.4 light seconds, in miles
one and three sixteenths fluid ounces per nautical mile -> teaspoons per mil
how many furlongs in .786 light years?
pi*e pi e*pi e pi*e pi e*((twenty three stone knots and two billion smoot grains and three thousand eight hundred and seventy nine slug feet)  pi per carat yards) per c*cubits per week plus a bakers dozen
1 astronomical unit / speed of light
1 AU/c
4.362 gallons in tierces
140 BTU in watt hours
3 atomic mass units = 4.98161659 × 10-27 kilograms
6 amu in metric carats
how many shots in a pint
4.83 spans in yards

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  1. Johnny permalink
    February 8, 2009 11:24 am

    You can abbreviate:
    11c to f

    -use Google as a spell checker
    -find temperature or time of a city

    I especially like Google language translation

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