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Dinners Ready

February 4, 2009

By Maggie Williams

I’m a busy single professional.  Well, when I’m working that is.  It’s hard to cook for one person, heck it’s hard to shop for one person.  I can’t get too much or things will spoil.  It’s a hassle and it’s expensive.

A couple of years ago, I was thinking, cause, I do that from time to time, I was thinking there must be others out there like me.  I should start a business where busy people can select meals from a menu and number of servings and they get a package with all the ingredients all measured out and proportioned.  The meats, the veggies, the spices, the sauces, whatever.  You take these packages home and throw them in the freezer and when you’re ready, you grab one, thaw it and follow the instructions inside the package.  A meal for one, or four or whatever, in a half hour or so.

These are not frozen dinners like you get at the grocery, these are just all the ingredients to make a nice meal.  You fry it or bake it or grill it or steam it or whatever the instructions call for.

I wouldn’t have to do the shopping or meal planning; jeez what a time saver.  I was telling a friend at work about my idea and she said, “Maggie, that already exists, it’s just down the road”.  I thought I was so clever and someone beat me to it.  The way I look at it – I just think about a thing and it happens.

dinners-readyAnyway, it’s called Dinners Ready.  Each month, they have a new menu of 20 or so meals to chose from.  You go into a store and get your apron on and move from station to station following the instructions at that station which tell you how much this and how much that to put into your zip lock bags and portion cups and baking pans, etc.  Then you package it all up and go.

dinners-ready1Another option is pick or delivery service.  You can just order the meals you want and tell them how many servings of each meal you want and their staff will prepare the meals for you.  You just pick them up or have them delivered.

The meals are quite tasty and nutritional as well, and yes of course I have passed them off as my own creation.  It’s cost effective coming in at between $4.50 and $5.50 per serving.

Check it out, give it a try.

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