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Western Washington / Lower BC Mainland Border Cams

February 25, 2009

I cross the USA Canada border frequently and so I originally posted this to my blog privately so I can check the border line up web cams from my cell phone before choosing which crossing to use.  I figured why not make it public.  They start with the western most (Peace Arch at Blaine) and go east.

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Maggie Williams

Peach Arch Southbound:
Peace Arch Southbound

Peach Arch Northbound:
Peace Arch Northbound

Blaine Truck Crossing Southbound:
Blaine Truck Crossing Southbound

Blaine Truck Crossing Northbound:
Blaine Truck Crossing Northbound

Aldergrove/Lynden Southbound:
Aldergrove/Lynden Southbound

Aldergrove/Lynden Northbound:
Aldergrove/Lynden Northbound

Abbotsford/Sumas Southbound:
Abbotsford/Sumas Southbound

Abottsford/Sumas Northbound:
Abbotsford/Sumas Northbound

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