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Jayne Baron – Artist

March 18, 2009

jaynebaronMy friend Jayne Baron who lives here in Bellingham, Washington is an artist who had a facility with drawing since age seven.  As she was growing up, she’d shy away from it periodically though; she says she was leery of the attention.

After getting married and becoming a mom and overcoming her shyness, she started doing portraiture on the side and has now been accepting  commissions for over 20 years.  Jayne works primarily with colored pencil to create portraits of people and animals from photographs.   “It’s nice to spend time with a subject and get to know them, but who really has time to sit for hours?” she says.

grandpaOne of my favorite jaynebaron works is titled Patience.  I asked her about this one and it turns out it’s her grandfather; a dairy farmer who spent a lot of time in the fields in the sun. “The lines tell a lot of stories and they’re so much a part of his character” she says.  He was wearing his fishing hat staring out at the lake when her brother captured him on film.

Jayne recently finished a new painting on canvas, Family Portrait, for the current Allied Arts Members show.  She’s also working on a commission for a client’s kids in Hawaii.  The subjects turned out to be dogs but she’s having fun with it.  The fact that the commissioner thinks of the dogs as their kids will affect the finished work I’m sure.

It’s a process that I invite my clients and viewers into. I want a connection with my audience.  People tend to view art and artists as somehow special.  I firmly believe that everyone is creative, and our lives are enriched by finding our own unique ways to express our creativity.  Enjoyment of art is not passive, it’s an active thing. We’re all part of the one, and for my part I strive to draw out the beauty of the spirit of each of my subjects, helping others to see that beauty too.

lovemeIt’s pretty simple to have a jaynebaron art work done.  Just contact Jayne and send her a photo or photos.  She can reproduce the subject artistically with or without interpretation as desired; bringing out the inner beauty in you and yours.

Please have a look at more of Jayne’s work at:

If you’d like to commission Jayne or have questions for her, please contact her at:
(360) 223-6163

Maggie Williams

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