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Kootenays Road Trip – cont.

March 24, 2009

Continuation of an earlier post – Kootenays Road Trip – Guess what I get to do tomorrow

First thing this morning was an exercise session with bending, hyper extending and strengthening reps. She tolerated it fairly well. Had a little breakfast, showered, etc. and was on the road by noon for the Hospital in Trail where I picked up the computer and ran a couple of other errands and made my way back stopping in Nelson, the closest real town, to pick up groceries. The whole trip took a little over six hours and I’m exhausted. Made dinner and then we went to pick up Ricky, Terry’s cat. I’m trying to get a connection on my PC but no luck. So, I’m having to use Terry’s PC and transfer files back and forth old school.

Terry’s doing a good job with her exercises and is coming along nicely. She still needs plenty of pain meds though. It’s neat out here. Terry lives up on a hill above Kootenay Lake. It’s pretty primitive. I have to start the fire in the stove first thing in the morning and keep it going during the day. It’s the sole source of heat. The farm pictured here is next door and is where we get our eggs. Stayed in most of the day. I got Terry’s switch/router/AP up and running and through that I am now connected. Yippie.

Got up this morning and was cooking breakfast and a couple of turkeys moseyed by the window. Apparently, there are 20+ turkeys in the area and they just roam freely. Hard to believe no one has shot them. Terry had arranged for us to have dinner with some neighbors, I really wasn’t looking forward to it but I’m glad we went. Our hosts were Carlo and Pam, he from Sicily, she from Singapore. Lovely folks, beautiful home, delicious food, wonderful conversation. I’m so glad we went.

Terry is starting to turn down the pain meds now an then and is getting around amazingly well without the walker or cane. It’s spectacular day out. I went for a hike down the mountain to the lake and back up today, it felt good. Ran a couple errands to pick up the mail and some supplies.

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  1. Terry permalink
    March 24, 2009 9:25 pm

    Hi Maggie.

    To those of you who don’t know me, my name is Terry. I have been a good friend of Maggie’s for about 6 years. We took an Alaskan Cruise in 2005 and a road trip, yes, to Alaska in 2007. Maggie has been a rock for me. She is a very talented woman and is very helpful to those she cares for. If you are reading this Diane, I thank you for the post.

    Maggie helped her friend Diane when she had her Total Knee Replacement and now she has been helping me with my Total Knee Replacement. I live in the Kootenay’s which is about 8 hours drive from her home. Thank you so much for taking time from your life to take care of me.

    I love your Web Site Maggie. It is brilliant. I hope you continue writing your Blogs. I for sure will be one who reads it from time to time.

    Thanks again Maggie for taking care of me through my Surgery. You will never know the full extent of my gratitude for your help and your friendship.

    Love and Laughter Always,


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