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Kootenays Road Trip – cont. 3

March 26, 2009

I’m still here at Terry’s place above Kootenay Lake near Nelson, BC.  It’s been one week since I brought her home from the hospital after her knee replacement surgery and her recovery has been amazing.  She’s been doing her exercises, she’s up and around, but she’s been a little too ambitious.  Last night she had a hankerin for cheese cake so we went to the bakery.  It was a clear night and the stars were out and brilliant; not much light pollution here, it was a sight to behold.

It’s hard getting her to slow down, the little bugger, and she’s paying for it this morning.  Bit of a setback, she had a rough night and is in a lot of pain today.  So, she’s been scolded; she hung her head low and stuck out her lower lip, but that has no affect on me.  I’m tormenting her a little now, I’ve got her all drugged up and I won’t let her go to sleep.  Eh, serves her right.

Today is a beautiful blue sky sunny day.  I got a hike in yesterday and I’m getting ready for another today.  It’s strange leaving the house in the snow and hiking down to the lake where there is none, and then back up the mountain to the snow again.

dscn6592Got back from the hike down the mountain, along the lake road and back up the mountain.  Felt good, but got blisters, dang. My kingdom for a good pair of hiking shoes.  Just had supper and we’re settling in for the evening.  Terry is doing better.  I’ll probably head home tomorrow.

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