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Spring Road Trip, Day 3 – San Francisco & Tim O’Brien concert

April 30, 2009

dscn6781After a night in a rather uncomfortable bed here at the San Francisco Hostel at Fisherman’s Wharf, I was up at 8:00 and explored the hostel a little.  The view from here is fantastic.  Breaky was being served but it’s crowded in there so I waited a bit and plopped down in the library to get on line for a bit.  Had breaky and headed out at 11:00 for a walk.  Went down to the waterfront and headed toward the Golden Gate Bridge.  Awesome hike, not too many people out, not too hot, not too far; there and back in four hours.  My feet are screaming though, I haven’t been hiking like I used to.  Got in the car and took a drive up through The Presidio, nice area.  It’s nap time, but I’m afraid I’ll miss the concert.

If you haven’t read the previous entries, I’m going to see Tim O’Brien across the Bay Bridge in Berkley tonight.  I was going to take my friend Donna who I met at a hostel in Germany last year, but her sister passed and so we’re not going to get together this trip.  This morning though, I thought of Joy, whom I met at the Olympic Hostel on my winter road trip a few months ago and I wasn’t sure but I thought she lived here in the area, so I texted her.  She does indeed live here, and close by too.  So, we’re going to go to the concert tonight.  I don’t think she knows who Tim is but, I think she’ll enjoy the show.  I wish I had thought of Joy before and given her some notice I was coming, my bad.  So sorry Joy.

Sitting here in the common room/library, I met Annabel and we chatted a bit.  She’s a local and is transitioning from one apartment to another so she’s staying here at the hostel for a couple of days. Nice lady.

dscn680811:45 – I picked up Joy at 7:00 and we headed for Berkley and got there with plenty of time to spare.  The line went down the street and around the corner and we took our places.  The concert was awesome, Tim even sang a song for me, holy cow, thanks Tim, you’re a class act.  After the intermission, Joy came back from walking around and told me that some guy named Tom was loudly asking if Maggie from Washington was here and she told him that she was with me.  Wow, the power of media huh?  We kept an eye out for you but, no luck.  So, a big shout out to Tom where ever you are, sorry I missed you buddy.

I’m going to do a concert report under a different post; all Tim.  Night all.

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