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iPhone Bit Torrent app and Hulu Streaming TV app

May 11, 2009

I’ve received a couple of emails recently asking if there are any Hulu like streaming TV apps available for the iPhone as well as a bit torrent app.

Keeping in mind that Hulu like, implies free, there are a couple streaming TV apps out there like I.TV which plays mostly trailers and not so much full episodes and CBS bought which plays CBS and Showtime shows (iPod / iPhone app here).  I’ve tried and they have a decent selection of shows, but the downloads are excruciatingly slow over wi-fi.

I can’t find anything like Hulu, other than Hulu itself.  As it turns out Hulu is apparently working on an iPhone app that should be available in the next few months.  It will likely run under iPhone version 3.0 due out this summer.

And no, you can’t just go to the Hulu web site on the Safari browser because it requires Flash Player which isn’t available for the iPhone, which is what brought us here in the  first place.  These are primarily streaming TV apps.  I don’t think any of them can download and save an episode for later viewing.

As to bit torrent apps, most I’ve come across require you to jailbreak your phone or to use your PC as a server, and I’m just not in the mood for that until I see what 3.0 will give me.  I just ran across this article though published today over at WIRED stating that Maza Digital has a bit torrent app called Drivetrain coming soon.  iTunes has apparently rejected it, for obvious reasons, but you should be able to get it directly from MD when it’s available.  Since I don’t plan to use my iPhone for peer to peer downloads except when I’m on the road perhaps, I’ll wait and see.

If anyone knows of other streaming TV apps or bit torrent apps for the iPhone, please leave a comment and let us know.

Maggie Williams

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