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From Here To Uncertainty – The Redpath Family Goes Mobile

June 14, 2009

Update: See my follow-up post after my interview of the Redpaths on the 16th.

Eight days and counting.  So there I was piddling around on the computer, looking for a job in this crappy environment and feeling sorry for myself.  One link led to another and I stumbled upon a site called From Here to Uncertainty.

RedpathFamily1It seems the Redpath Family of Los Angeles, up and quit their jobs and are hitting the road for a year.  They’ve sold everything, and are packing up their two kids and are, and as they put it, “goin’ mobile”.  Suddenly, I perked right up, my spirits rose, and I read on.  It’s a story of discontent and standing up for yourself and deciding to not let life pass you by even though it flies in the face of so called conventional wisdom; it spoke to me.

This Hollywood sound man, his musician wife and their two amazing kids have one way tickets to Europe and leave on June 22.  You can follow their travels and live vicariously through them, as I know I will be, at their site:

Bookmark it and check in with them often.  You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook: It’s possible the Redpaths are crazy…wanna’ live vicariously? as well.

Listen to Brenna Redpath’s track of The Who’s Goin’ Mobile

Read about her recording session and download the song here

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