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Air Sharing – Cool iPhone app – Review

March 14, 2009

This is the second of a series of iPhone application reviews.

Sure, you can put your music and podcasts and videos on your iPhone by syncing it with iTunes.  And sure, you can view Word docs or Excel spreadsheets or pdf files attached to an email.  But have you ever wanted to load your own pdf’s, docs, videos, or other files onto the iphone, without going through iTunes, thereby turning your iPhone into a very expensive thumb drive?  And actually be able to view those files?

iphoneWell, you can.  For us non hacking iPhone users, there’s an application called Air Sharing from Avatron Software Inc. This, the most expensive iPhone application I’ve purchased ($4.99), allows you to load your files onto your iPhone and its viewer supports several formats such as HTML, Word, Excel, pdf, power point, rtf, .mp3, mp4, etc.  The file viewing supports pinch zooming and landscape orientation.

Using the iPhone’s wi-fi radio, the iphone is attached to your Windows, MAC or Linux PC as a wireless device.  Once this is done, then it’s just a mater of clicking and dragging files between your PC folder and the iphone folder.

I use this to store files I many need in a pinch while traveling if I don’t have access to my PC.  I also use it to move files from my home desktop PC to my Sylvania g meso Netbook that I travel with.  And I use it to store episodes of Californication or Little Mosque on the Prairie to watch if I’m in line waiting to board a ferry or while getting service on my car.  Great way to pass the time.  I usually pick half hour shows though because the transfer time can be long.

Air Sharing – Get App here

Cool iPhone tip I just discovered.  You can get a screen shot of your iPhone screen by holding down the Home button and then pressing the shutoff button on the top of the iPhone.  The image is saved in your camera roll, from there you can email it to yourself or get it next time you sync.

Maggie Williams

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